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Our production based mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia focuses on the creative narration of your story in the form of a film. Whether it’s a wedding, a prom, a business event, a sport event, or a product promotion or a company presentation. In addition to that, we make all recordings in a 4K quality.

We are a young team of professionals with rich experience who can meet even the most demanding customer requirements. Keeping up with new trends, your videos will always look fresh and modern. You can expect only professional and customer oriented approach. The product is always tailored to meet customer wishes. 


Be Excellent 2019

SOC 365

Smart Engineering and Production


Nemocnice Boskovice

The Roosters show

5. Odborno - Prezentačný kozmetický kongres

Galavečer Farmak a.s.

Univit s.r.o.

Penzion U Rybníčku

Konference SC&C

Galerie Art Rubikon


Mlýn na Dobré vodě – Praha
Panorama resort – Kácov
Penzion Pohoda – Nárameč
Hoffmanův dvůr – Praha
Tis u Blatna
Kamjinam – Brno
Mlýn Davídkov – Hryzely
Bobří Mlýn – Trnávka
Náš Mlýn – Ochoz
Hotel Plumlov
Hotel Cvilín – Krnov
Sklep na Vyhlídce – Nové Bránice


60 let Nemocnice Boskovice

Muzikoterapie - Když hudba léčí

Přednáška -Smart Engineering and Production

Přednáška - Tomáš Kisela



The wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of our life and we are very glad that Michal and Pavel (Kameraman4K) were on this day with us. Not only are they the astonishing people who made this day full of peace and well-being, but their work and results are a great pleasure!
From the initial communication to the very end of our video, to the last detail, our fairy day, we were extremely happy.
Many thanks for everything, for your willingness, cooperation, humanity and above all the memory that we will have for you forever! You are the best!

(Jitka and Michal)

There are moments you do not remember on your wedding day and you can not see everything from the second point of view. When we got a wedding video clip, it screamed not just us, but our family, friends. It was absolutely perfect. Even in a dream we did not think we could have such a wonderful memory. We were looking forward to the whole record, which was once again perfect. I have to say that for the first time in my life I have seen a beautiful woman and, by the side of her husband, she was extremely happy. You do not see it in everyday life. There is nobody next to you who would shoot you in your common moments. The guys have captured emotions, love, emotion, happiness. You have done your work perfectly. Thank you very much.

(Dája and Tomáš)

“We were very satisfied with their cooperation, they were helped with everything, nothing was problem,  for me super access and professionalism. Video was done very quick and in different formats. I’m glad you helped us to leave the memory of our wonderful day with your amazing shots.”

(Dita and Honza)

“The whole video we watched with tears. Our movie is gorgeous!! We really like it!!!!! You are the best!!! Thank you so much!!!”

(Reni a Jozef)

“A big thank you!!! Thanks for the friendly and professional approach of our wedding day!! We are glad that you were with us!!! We knew you were good, but I think you’re the best!!! If a hobby becomes a job is it to know that we can, based on your good work only confirm this. we are excited and if we in the future want us or our friends something to document, so be sure to turn just for you. Thank you for the beautiful memories you They are prepared with a superb video and clip!!”

(Kristina a Tomáš)

“We want to thank team of Kameraman4K for a great wedding video with which we are very satisfied. Friendly approach during the wedding day and professional video processing convinced us that you were the right choice. Thank you”

(Anna and Michal)

We looked forward for our wedding very much and watched very different videos. When I suddenly came across Cameraman 4K. The beautiful colors, the amazing sound, the perfect shots … Well, it was just clear to me that I wanted them at our wedding. After a few phone calls, there was an appointment where I was very much surprised at the approach and great taste in this work. Both cameramen are absolutely perfect !!! The taste they’re doing is amazing … Still smiling, even in the 40 ‘C, which is no longer to laugh anymore. They ran everywhere and had nothing to do with the slightest problem. And finally came the day when our dream video was sent to us and I can say that I could not imagine such perfection and splendor! No one eye left the video and everyone is excited! I am sincerely happy that I had the opportunity to have you on the most beautiful day of our life. Once again, thanks for what you have done for us. It is the most beautiful memory we could wish. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

(Katka and Robert)